Binance and ADA tonight

Hello everyone.
Anyone watched the ADA price drop on the binance app tonight? What I see is someone or something is controlling the price, keeping the price steady, getting the volume up a bit, then dropping the price, and people is buing like crazy, volume and prices is going up, so then hold it, (same amount it’s blocking on trade seller side, 2x300K, other side we have a buyer with same amount) maybe robot, like online poker with e-player) and the volume is growing, the price is not going up anymore. I followed it for about five hours, at the same time I took the screen video captture of almost everything. This is a bit strange. I did see two price drop tonight.
Sorry for bad English
See red mark on image, same amount in four / five hours.


How this problem will be solved?

Hi @raybanz, welcome to the community, great to see you