Binance stake pools more profitable?


How to find binance stake pools in stake list? Does they pay more than regular community pools?

Nope. They don’t. All pools are equal given the same fees, margin and performance over the long run.

CPX Pool


I understand some confusion as on their own App/Website htey advertise higher rewards for staking your ADA with them.

My assumption is that they do this to attract More ADA to their stakepools and incentivise people to not remove their ADA from the Exchange into a wallet, probably throwing in some promocash while they’re at it.

Most if not all of the BNP pools are oversaturated by .2% meaning that 64.000.000 * 0.002 = 128,000,00 ADA is delegated ineffectively. their annual return will suffer.

they operate 44 pools now, and at the time of writing 30 are oversaturated and they lose 30*128,000.00 = 3,840,00.00 ADA Staking value each epoch.

Its suboptimal for the network, so once you get into it, making sensible delegation choices with your wallet becomes more rewarding longterm.


It’s always better to go in pools with a good space for your stake.

It also support those new SPOs trying to create the real decentralisation than going into big players who generaly are too much centralised.