BlackList an Address

Hey guys,

My MetaMask and Yoroi wallet got hacked yesterday, and I was wondering if you guys can blacklist an Cardano Address.
My funds got transfered to another wallet, the funds are still there and I believe there are also more stolen funds in that same wallet.
Hope you guys can help me out!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,


Thats definitly not possible and would speak against everything the blockchain space stands for.

Im sorry for your lost funds but theres nothing you can do about that.

Could you please elaborate little bit about how it was hacked.

I probably downloaded something harmfull, he installed a keylocker and a few days after that he transfered my crypto. So far I can see that’s what happend, but I am not sure. This because I never downloaded anything harmful ever before and I personally don’t download much.