Block Producing Node Showing "Relay - Mainnet" on gLiveView (CoinCashew - Guide)

I am following the CoinCashew guide (CoinCashew Guide), and I am stuck at step 8.

I have managed to get my Relay Node to start syncing (see fig. 1).

I also appear to have got the block producing node to also sync but in the gLiveView it is showing “Relay Mainnet”, instead of “Core-Mainnet”].

Please can someone advise?

Both are able to communicate with each other:
Relay Node:
netcat -vnz 6000
Connection to 6000 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

From Block Producing Node:
netcat -vnz 6000
Connection to 6000 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

Fig. 1 (relay node):

Fig. 2 (block producing node):

relay node topology:

block producing topology:

There is another script to start the node as a Producer, did u used it? If yes, then check the path to the files.


So have you used the block producer script as @Alexd1985 suggested?

I answered to him in another post… he needs to wait for the node to be synced then in step 9 the node it will be configured to start as a Producer (after creating the keys)

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@Alexd1985 @laplasz I am waiting for my nodes to fully sync then I will proceed with step9. Apologies for the duplicate post. not sure what happened …