Book About Cardano: in English and Ukrainian, published in print and digitally

Cardano DAO - Project Catalyst, right now there is Fund11 and I’m sharing my proposal with you, my readers. I already submitted it on Ideascale Community and I’m looking forward to hear your feedback. Here is the main text of this proposal which I repeat to my crypto-blog readers.


Many people in the world are still not aware of Cardano. We need to bring new people to the Cardano ecosystem from different audiences and different countries.

[GENERAL] Summarize your solution to the problem (200-character limit including spaces)
Writing an all-inclusive book about Cardano which will include technical aspects and also personal experience (especially in Project Catalyst) will partially solve the problem and attract new people

[SOLUTION] Please describe your proposed solution.
My solution for the Cardano Ecosystem is to focus on informing both cryptocurrency communities and new people about Cardano. The solution is to reach out to new people globally (in English) and also locally (in Ukrainian), as globally I have many more readers, but locally I travel a lot in Ukraine from east to west, from south to north. Having a book both digital and physical will help me to do my informational work better. That’s why I propose this solution to Cardano community

[IMPACT] Please define the positive impact your project will have on the wider Cardano community.
In the beginning, I expect there will be hundreds of readers which later will turn into thousands and then even more. For the printed circulation I plan to do 1000 copies, because even now during the war crypto-events in Ukraine have hundreds of visitors. We really have a new generation of crypto-enthusiasts. And the same tendency is global - every day new people become interested in cryptocurrencies and they might discover Cardano

Writing and publishing a book will reach a new audience. Of course, that’s only one of the ways how people can discover Cardano, but for me, it looks like a serious way that will have a positive impact on the whole Cardano community.

[CAPABILITY & FEASIBILITY] What is your capability to deliver your project with high levels of trust and accountability? How do you intend to validate if your approach is feasible?
I have been researching and studying the cryptocurrency industry since 2017

Since the beginning of Cardano I became interested and became active in the community in early 2020 - the same year I joined Project Catalyst in a focus group

I might be a veteran of Project Catalyst, but I know that I still don’t know many things. However, I think during these years I accumulated a big amount of knowledge of different cryptocurrencies in general and Cardano in particular.

I might write not the best book. It might not become a bestseller.

But I’m confident that I will be able to write an interesting book

[Project Milestones] What are the key milestones you need to achieve in order to complete your project successfully?
Milestone 1

As for now, the plan is to have this book in 3 parts, so every part will be a milestone.

Part I. The Past

1 . Charles Hoskinson and the early days of crypto-entrepreneurs

2 . The beginning of Cardano and ICO

3 . Ouroboros Protocol

4 . Cardano Phases:

A )Byron

B) Shelley

C) Goguen

D) Basho

E) Voltaire

5 . Haskell Programming Language

6 . Plutus

7 . Marlowe

Milestone 2:

Part II. Project Catalyst

1 . The Development of Cardano Governance

2 . Project Catalyst - the DAO in the Cardano Ecosystem:

3 . From Fund1 to Fund11 - the years of evolution

4 . Different roles, different opportunities (Community advisor, Proposal Assessor)

5 . Voting in Project Catalyst

6 . Life-Changing Proposals

7 . Cardano companies formed by Project Catalyst

8 . The future of working - How it is to work for DAO

Final Milestone:

Part III. The Future

1 . Cardano DeFi

2 . Cardano NFTs

3 . Cardano Regional Expansion and Worldwide Projects

4 . Cardano Dapps

5 . Cardano Global Community

6 . Cardano’s Vision on Becoming a Future Financial System of the World

More details and place for comments/interaction on Ideascale: