Book for the Plutus pioneer program


I published a book about Plutus on my Github page that follows the pioneer program: GitHub - LukaKurnjek/plutus-pioneer-program: The plutus pioneer program repository from IOHK (21.3.2022)

It contains all code examples from the 3rd iteration and in addition it contains the oracle and uniswap examples from the 2nd iteration.

The changes that I made compared to the lectures is that I introduced some types earlier when I taught it was needed or introduced types that were not covered in the lectures. Also I added some additional explanation to topics where I had questions myself.

I contacted Lars Brünjes when I had the first rough version of the book, but I did not get any reply. So I just made the corrections on my own.

All the code examples are colorized using microsoft visual studio. I wrote the book mainly for myself so I could reread the lectures slowly and check back on topics when I felt I missed something. But feel free to use it for yourself.

Cheers, Luka


Really good resource to go along with the videos and pioneers repo. I’m re reviewing some of the lessons now, thanks for taking the time to contribute with this

Hey @luke88 I’d love to see this contributed to the developer portal below the Smart Contracts | Cardano Developer Portal section. It would be searchable and more accessible to everyone.

Please let me know what you think and if you need help on that.

Anyway great work!

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Thanks for your replies.

Here is my merge request: Updating by LukaKurnjek · Pull Request #611 · cardano-foundation/developer-portal · GitHub
I added 2 lines of text with the link under the “Get started with the Plutus pioneer program” section.

Since this is my first Git merge request I’m not sure weather the description satisfies all the rules.
@adatainment if you want to change anything in the description or location feel free to do it.

Cheers, Luka