Broken links around

Hello, where should I report or help fix some broken links around this website?

Some examples:

(the “please click here” link is dead)
the “site feedback category” link is dead, I love the irony here :sweat_smile:

Can’t give more examples because of the new user / max 2 links rule.

I’m guessing the webmasters have an access logs we could parse to find other 404 errors and fix those as well?

Feel free to ping any moderator if you have any issues.

The post you linked is nearly 6 years old :smiley:

Thanks @Zyroxa, Okay, I’ll try that; I see you youself are a moderator, so how/where do you suggest I ping other moderators? I can’t seem to find a direct message button or be able to @ tag others regarding this.

I know it’s an old link. But as a newcomer myself it was my “intro” to these forums, and it’s pinned and very visible.

I think it would be nice if others first impression/experience isn’t “Oops, this site doesn’t exists” when trying to follow introduction links :sweat_smile:

You can flag these kind of issues.


Ah, there is was. Thanks, and done!

Regarding the FAQ page I can’t seem to find any flag-buttons or feedback options, are there any other channels or contact points so we could get this fixed?

Thanks again for the info.

I think @Napoles got it fixed already :slight_smile:

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Hi again, I just checked. And the "site feedback category " link on the FAQ page leads me to 404.

I checked a bit further, and the a href is fine, but there’s some javacsript doing this:

Furthermore, there’s some unnecessary redirects I see:

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Hello again @Zyroxa and @Napoles

Wondering if and how I can help fix these broken links. I just now encountered more broken links at Cardano | Stake Pool Operation (rewards calculator link), so I started thinking this might be a recurring problem with

I’d recommend setting up a “404-report” in GA, or use services like to find and fix these problems :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m eager to help fix all broken links, please let me know how I can help further.