Watch out if you receive DM's with support links

We have noticed that recently, users who have asked for help are receiving private messages that redirect to fake websites.

If any of you receive such a private message, please flag the message so that the moderators can remove the person who sent it.


Just as a reminder:

If you receive direct messages in this forum with offers for support or links to fake support websites, please flag them to the moderators, so that we can remove those users.

The flag is in the lower right of the message (maybe, you have to click on the three dots to get additional options).

All help in this forum is done in public threads. If you don’t want to share some information publicly, you are the one who starts a DM conversation with whoever you deem trustworthy. No legitimate user will ever initiate a private conversation with you out of the blue!


Ive noticed too, that direct links here are a GO, introducing series of risks for forum users, meanwhile it is very compfy in communications, Why dont Cardano allow posting direct links with certain status reached in forum. Maybe the threat of loosing the status will repel users to spam scam someone?