Building the Haskell cardano-node on Linux

Here’s my 8 hour adventure building the Haskell cardano-node on Linux

Not having used the Haskell toolset for years, I was a bit rusted. So, it took me longer than most finding the right information to build the Haskell cardano-node.

In the end it all worked out.

I hope this helps get others up and running with the new Haskell node on Linux


Give this doco a try, should be much easier and would take care of prereqs and dependencies.

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Excellent tutorial. Had I found it before, would’ve saved me hours. Adding it to the article references. Thanks.

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link is dead

Thanks Martin, updated

I will just note that in the main README.hs for the cardano-node repo it says:

Use Cabal - Version 3.0 to build this project:

Yes, it could be better. PRs to improve those docs gladly accepted.

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Awesome Jose (@jfonseca) thanks for the share, @rdlrt @oldcryptogeek @erikd thanks for the guidance, great insight.

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