Buying ADA with BTC - What's it worth now?

I am trying to determine the USD price of the ADA I bought on with BTC. See attachment. Can anyone help?

2021-03-18 - ADA pricing - - cropped

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maybe it is quicker to figure it out if you also provide the name of the columns

Ok. I will redo the screen capture.

Let me add that I bookmarked a Cardano and bitcoin blockchain explorer. Copied my ADA & BTC addresses from but still haven’t been able to find out how much each of those were selling for on those dates.

I appreciate your help laplasz. Here is the updated screen capture.

0,00001231+0,00029544+0,00117504= 0,00148279 BTC
11632,61Ă—0,00148279=17,248717782 USD

So 153 ADA cost you around 17 USD at that time, excluding fees. Is this correct? today 153 ADA costs 217,26 USD

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Sounds about right. I seem to remember that ADA was selling around .12 - .14 at that time. So, $.12 x 153 is $18.36.

May I ask, where did you get the value 11632,61 ?

from the second row - the BTCUSD - at that time the price of 1 BTC was 11632,61 USD

Really nice appreciate. Should have had more faith in ADA at the time and invested more but I think it is still a really good buy even at the current price, right?

yes - still several functions waiting to be enabled on the Cardano project - so worth to hold.

I kind of worry about it being written in Haskell. Not widely used by programmers; may limit development. What do you think?

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Hi @XnCelt ,

It’s not a problem at all. They will also create SDK for another programming language (Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.). At the moment, I could play using JavaScript in Marlowe Playground.

Sure, you would get several opinion about the reason of the choice of Haskell if you would create a new topic with that title;)

I think it was chosen not because of the popularity instead of the nature of the language. With Haskell you can guarantee the designed functionality of the “application”


That is my understanding…I guess despite its “popularity” there is plenty of development being done.

Nice to meet you.


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