Amazing ADA price

1BTC 5,000$ = 1ADA 0.09$
1BTC 8,000$ = 1ADA 0.09$
1BTC 8700$ = 1ADA 0.09$

ADA Is very Safety Crypto Currency :slight_smile:

What the f…


However, if the price of btc drops, the price of the ADA will suffer a great loss

Why are you still here?..

I am always fascinated by people who are not afraid to look ridiculous on public forum.
0.9$ ??? Seriously ??? Ho Boy!!!

We are at 0.09$ and NOT 0.9$

So on top of being a troll you have no idea of what you are talking about .
So sell all your ADA, buy Bitconnect. Much more your style.


dude cut your BS…! everybody knows what he meant, maybe except you lol, but seriously he is right. wtf is going on with ADA, we put SOME money into this project many months ago and have seen NO GAINS. this is not good at all. i am really concerned. by the way i dont like cardano fanboys here on this forum, are you paid for this or what…?!

Since December 16th ADA is UP 216.5%…
Do you really need me to make you ridiculous too or you will do it all alone ?

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listen troll, we have not seen any fckn gains for all the money we put in this project and our average price is near current!!! no gains for 16 months boy so cut your BS again!
the only one looking ridiculous here is you, for your information ada is down 93,54% from ATH 1,33 USD january 2018, you wanna add anything else LOL ???

Oh I understand now. @peterseo You are the one that bought at 1.33 USD.
I was wondering who was that dude. Now I know.
I invested 86K USD and still down 57K today and feel really confident with my 315.599 ADA.

Will be millionaire within 5 years.

So dont worry about me…

In February
BTC = $3,700
ADA = $0.041

BTC = $8,600
ADA = $0.086

@peterseo What are you smoking?


ADA won’t make trader rich

Agree. Only investors will…All depends on the size of your bags.

Wow, you are rich dude… LOL

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Will be soon my friend


2019 April
ADA= 0.09$

ADA= 0.085$

oh… sorry man
my mistake

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Apologies accepted.
So now look at the graph right now.
We pump and pump and pump.

OK… go to the moon :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Moon is for BTC.

ADA is Pluto


With that quantity, I’m curious what your sell range looks like. Thanks for the transparency.

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Sell ??? What do you mean sell ?

People who plan to sell to FIAT has nothing to do in this ecosystem.
I will never sell. I just hope that in a few years I will be able to spend my ADA directly without converting to FIAT.

Convert to FIAT means that any government will have access to my funds and benefice history, and then tax me like crazy…

Never sell my friend, do your best locally for mass adoption.