Calling all Stake Pool Operators - We Need You!

Fellow Stake Pool Operators,

Do you want to be part of a growing community that will serve as a voice to push for the necessary actions we need for the best Cardano ecosystem? Then check out SPOCRA…

SPOCRA (Stake Pool Operator Collective Assembly) will begin the voting process to elect a board tasked with forming the organization. The main mission of SPOCRA is to support and faciliate maintaining the health of the Cardano blockchain network and eco-system.

Any SPO can submit to be on the ballot - candidate proposal submissions are due 9/17 at the end of epoch 217.

SPOs wanting to participate in voting will need to be validated via the SPOCRA discord.

Here is a link to a post containing more information regarding the vote and process:

Lastly, SPOCRA meetings are open and held every Saturday at 11am Eastern / 3pm UTC - any SPO is welcome to attend and/or contribute to the meeting agendas.


Great initiative!

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It really is! The Cardano community is literally the best in the space. Within SPOCRA we have debates and share ideas and contribute our collective talents to everyone’s benefit. It’s really something great that is just getting started. I’ll do my part to see the vision through and make our ecosystem the best it can be.

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