Notice board for Stakepool Operators

Hi there and I apologize if this has been addressed before but could anyone advise if there is a central place we as Stakepool operators need to go to in order to get instructions regarding updates, patches or any general information that needs to be addressed with regards to operating a Stakepool. At the moment I find that I am viewing a number of forum topics, listening in on Telegram groups and monitoring email to try get information on any updates or news that is relevant to the running of a pool. It would be useful if there was a central go to place that Stakepool operators could reference.



I think it is good idea to follow the official github repo of cardano-node - to get notifications about a new release

You can follow it by clicking on Watch->Custom->Releases then Apply.
Also there is a mailing list for pool operataors:

and also recommend to follow the News Announcements category:
News and Announcements - Cardano Forum

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Thanks - yes these are excellent sites to get the information required for updates. I was just kind of thinking of a single go to site which instructs Stakepool operators what should be done and when it has to be done. This could then reference the details in these posts. Not a big deal I guess - it was more just to help coordinate the community.

I agree - a dedicated place is needed…

Besides of the mentioned above there is also a official Telegram Channel for SPO Announcements


Information is a bit scattered but in some ways I think this is a phenomenon that comes with the decentralized project territory a bit. If you think about it IOHK develops the node right now, but the network is no longer run by their servers. In the future it should resemble more a DAO if it evolves along the lines of its vision. Unfortunately this makes information distributed. In this state of flux the only good option is to try to stay connected.

SPO announcements is a good one. There is a listing of official communications channels in this thread which you may already use.

The stake pool best practices workgroup TG is listed in there, which I would suggest to you. Watch the github repo for the node and any tools you rely on such as CNTools or CNCLI which are common, so that you get emails on releases / changes.

Follow IOG / IOHK accounts on twitter, keep eyes on their blog here.

Finally I would suggest you try to get a feel for the SPO community and gradually start developing relationships within it among operators open to communications. I regularly respond to SPO questions in groups or via DM when I have the time to, for instance. There are some very informative pool operator groups out there that have less noise in them than some of the main ones which makes it a little easier to find information.

Lastly about telegram, make thorough use of message searching in these channels as there is a high probability that questions you may have have been asked by someone else before you and you can potentially get an instant answer this way. It is a lot easier than monitoring the current topic and / or asking a question and awaiting responses. Feel free to send me a message if you have more questions, I hope this was at least somewhat helpful.

Thanks - you have provided a lot of very useful links. I understand fully where you are coming from and given the decentralised nature of this it kind of makes sense. I am pretty much following most of the above links you mention so that gives me a reasonable level of comfort that I am remaining on top of things.