Stake Pools - Telegram channel

Hey people,

I have created a public Telegram channel for stake pools in Cardano.

It is intended to fulfill the following:

  • Promote user participation in the protocol
  • Discuss the technical process of delegating stake
  • Provide a forum for users to discuss the operation / performance of pools in a free and open manner
  • Foster a positive relationship between pool operators
  • Encourage a competitive and decentralised stake pool ecosystem

While I expect there won’t be a lot of action before the new year, please feel free to join and say hi.



Is this meant only for future pool operators or also for people who want to delegate their stake to a pool?

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From what I can see, this is meant for both.

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That’s correct, the group is open to both pool leaders as well as users who are delegating their stake.
The hope is that more pool leaders (there are already a few in the group) will join as we approach the Shelley release date in early 2019.

Ideally it will provide a positive forum for pool leaders to communicate with each other and promote the work they are doing in addition to running a pool, such as building blockchain explorers, developing dApps or tools.

Additionally it will enable dialogue between users and stake pool operators and allow users to assist each other when questions around the staking process inevitably arise.

I’m in! I just have to google “how to join telegram group” first.

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I have deleted my telegram account months back, because of its restrictions, now I wanted regain my old account.
Is this possible? @Herr_Rossi
I also wanted to join this group can you please share the details if this still exist ?
I followed these steps to delete my telegram account, and earlier I have registered on my current phone number that I am using right now.
So is there any way to regain access to my old telegram and all of its data.

You should probably contact Telegram about that.

Hi @Reymond,
I have no idea. I’m quite sure you wanted to ask @matthijs.aeon about that, correct?

Hey mate,

The link to the group is now:

Look forward to having you drop in for a chat!