How do you contact the Cardano Telegram Admins?

I’ve been trying to utilize the Cardano General and Testnet groups on Telegram to work out a couple of Stake Pool issues. I was originally able to view the channels, but when I tried to post to the group(s) after joining, I was no longer able to access them. I’ve been able to have private conversations, and can still read the Cardano Announce and Emurgo Announce channels. I was wondering how you contact the channel admins to see if they can help me troubleshoot the error.


You can message in this group to sort out any permission issues.

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rdlrt, I didn’t see this in time :slight_smile: I deleted that Telegram account in fear that something was amiss. There is a waiting period before I can re-create that account, but once that’s over, I’ll give it a try with the re-created account. Not sure what the deal is, I joined the groups and waited the grace period. Then I just tried to post a simple question via the Telegram Desktop on Ubuntu and it instantly removed the group from my list and I couldn’t find it again in the global search. When I tried the web links it just gave me an error that the group was closed. Luckily I have another phone, and have been able to access the groups that way. I’m a little afraid to do more than ream them though at this point. It’s really limiting when you loose those communication streams.

If the first message you post on the group contains a link, combot may ban you. You can report in the mentioned group and we can sort it for you

That explains allot :slight_smile: My first posts had some links in it. I didn’t realize that it would cause issues…

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All, I’m getting the following errors when I execute the (./ 3100 <PRIVATE_KEY_SK> script from here:


Error 1:

failed to make a REST request

|-> node rejected request because of invalid parameters

|-> Client Error: 404 Not Found

… ETC …