Telegram restrictions

Hey guys, I do not usually use Telegram, but I saw some threads pointing to it for information. I really have no reason to post anything right now, but I noticed it says at the bottom “Group admins have restricted you from messaging” and I couldn’t find any details around this. Is there a process for getting approved to post on Telegram? Both the Cardano Official and Cardano Developers Official appear to have this restriction immediately when joining.

i think there is no reason to get access to post there.

if you got any question you can ask here or on reddit.

Haha, so your answer to my question is that it is better to ask a question here? Perhaps Reddit is a good option.

hey @Joel_K

Sorry i didn’t really saw a question in your thread.

If your question meant to be why only group admins can post. --> Well i guess for a better overview.

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As I recall there is a wait time before you are allowed to post, not sure exactly why the restriction is in place, yet it restricts people that would just pop in to say something in a heated moment and serves the community well imo, after 24 hours you should be able to post in public channells

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Sure, that makes sense, I just didn’t see anything regarding that posted anywhere. Thanks for the follow up.

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Choose a chanell and I will pop in there and say hi to you if I am able, as far as I know the official announcment channells are restricted to admin only.

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It’s no problem, I can wait if that’s all it is. The only channel I am interested in is the Developers channel, I didn’t see much value in the other channels, but that one will be very helpful I think.

Well what is your handle over there anyway? I would like to invite you to a community developer projects channel.

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I am @hotwu on Telegram. Thanks man!

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