Cardano Shelley Testnet & StakePool Best Practice Workgroup

Hi, I can view the Cardano Shelley Testnet & StakePool Best Practice Workgroup on telegram until I ask a question but then get kicked.

Now it says the group is not accessible? My user is Donie? What did I do wrong?


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What question did you asked?

Hey Donie,

Thanks for reaching out and unfortunate to hear that this happened. Please understand we have several bots in place to battle spammers/scammers and it may have happened you were removed because of one these measurements.
If a new user posts a forward, link, media or file as their first message, the bot will auto-kick/ban them. I’ll look into it today. Please feel free to reach out to me via TG (@katsumot0 handle name, with a ‘zero’) and see if it worked for you. Hope this helps.


I was asking a question in relation to GitHub instructions for shelly nodes. I figured it out. But would like together my access for the road ahead.

Got the node up and running and registered. Just waiting for PR to be accepted.

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