Cardano Stake Pool Operator Questionaire

I just read Cardano Stake pool operator questionaire. I have several Question here. Can somebody help me?

  1. Is the stake pool operator must be a company? And if yes, why? Can it run by personal?
  2. What is the min requirement of the server?
  3. What is public relay? Is one server can do 1 public relay?
  4. What is this mean “Approximately how much stake do you anticipate backing the stake pool with as the owner?” ?
  5. As a stake pool should we marketing the stake pool?
  6. Why Cardano asking about stake pool marketing? I thought stake pool is more like a validator? Am I correct?
  7. How we generate revenue from operation? If only from staking fee, why Cardano ask about how we(stake pool operator) generate revenue?
    Thank you

Some of your questions are answered here, for instance number 4 on the FAQ page, for others the best place to ask is the Telegram group, which I’m not sure of the name of, but hopefully someone who is will come along…


The mentioned telegram group


Can someone please add me to this group? Fred Smalls or Donnybaseball is my username on Telegram. Thank you!

I left the Telegram group. I don’t understand the popularity of a constant stream of unstructured chatter.


Which group are you talking about?

All the Telegram groups. Haha.

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I know what you mean but some are a great deal more useful than others. The old and very unofficial Cardano Community group has long been a bit of a hell-hole, whereas many people have found the tech support group to be extremely helpful (more so than here), and the official staking group is essential for people interested in running a pool. Also there some very good Cardano-related private groups.


After researching Telegram and WhatsApp, I’m trying to use both less. I use Signal as my encrypted messaging app. Yes, I realize I post here with my real name.

What didn’t you like about Telegram? Did you have concerns about security?

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I can see how @Adam_Parish feels about group chat. In my experience all group chats become incoherent when there’s a large and active group.

You can never pick a thread if it did not start while you were watching or unless you are already deeply involved with whatever is scrolling by.

However, for broadcast to limited audience they are perfect. I like the Announcement TG channel.


Thanks for your reply. So, I already found the answer for number 4. About the stake pool, but how about other question like number 1. There are no information regarding we must have a company to run the stake pool or number 6, should we also marketed the Cardano?
I don’t have telegram account. I think it would be better if I ask in here, In forum, it’s more accessible even for beginner we can found useful information in this forum. I hope I can find some answer in here.

You don’t have to be a company. You don’t have to do any marketing, though you might not get many people joining the pool if you don’t market that. I believe you have to join the official staking group if you want to take part in the testnet.

If I join the official staking group. Did I also get incentive? and how to submit the testnet?

No, there’s no incentive. Taking part in the testnet is a privilege, if you don’t see it that way I’d suggest it’s not for you. Otherwise, join the group to learn all you need to know.

@SeanAlimov can we fork the Telegram discussion into a new topic in the Random category? I have more to say but I don’t want to clutter this thread.

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I don’t see why not @Adam_Parish, go ahead :+1:

No, Sorry, my bad. I understand that testnet will not offer incentive. I mean if later on the mainnet. If I join other staking group are there any incentive?

When I used the word “group” I was talking about Telegram group. I guess you’re talking about staking pools. But even so I’m still not sure what you mean. Staking is all about incentives, surely you’re not asking that?

Gotcha… Now its clear. Thanks

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