IOG mailing list for stake pool operators

from @benohanlon

"Hi All,

If we haven’t spoken yet, I’m Ben and I’ve recently joined IOG to help build out how we engage with and better support Cardano’s incredible stake pool operator community.

Deploying Shelley this summer was an incredible moment and the result of a huge community effort. Cardano SPOs have created something very special. But it was really just the first step in the journey.

So on Monday, we’re kicking off another important step – a mini ‘retrospective’ to learn more about what is going well, what improvements we need to focus our energies on, and also who are the community members who have helped get us here.

Our goal? To build an effective feedback loop that helps us build this ecosystem together.

We’ll drop you a link to that soon. But before we can do that, we need to know who is out there. So please do connect with us. Please fill out the details via the link here: SPO Community of Communities - an email and a ticker is all we need to start, but any more info you can provide will be super helpful.

Going forwards, we want to talk much, much more. Let us know who you are and where you are coming from, and let’s take it from there. We’ve got email updates, town halls, huddle groups, tech seminars, and much more in the pipeline.

Look forward to talking soon!"

this is not new at all, but for me it was:) and by searching on the forum I have not found a dedicated topic for this information, so I thought it is good to share this info in this way as well.

We’ve almost 900 pools receiving the fortnightly SPO Digest.


@benohanlon @laplasz Dear All, this is a very useful information.

Thank you.

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