Can someone write a tutorial on how to compile a binary for ARM processors?

Currently I am using the binary from this tutorial:


But I am wondering if there is a update how can I go about compiling it myself?

I just made a Cardano Node on a Amazon AWS r6g.large (2 core / 16 gig ram ) ARM architecture

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I am using the same pre-built binaries from Moritz on my raspberry pi. I reached out to him for tips and he said he built it by cross compiling with nix.

I have not yet attempted compiling my own binary because my coding skills are a bit rusty. But I was gonna play around this weekend with it. Let me know if you get anywhere!

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You could run the multiarch Docker image, that already takes care of all the arm64 stuff.

$ docker run --detach \
    --name=relay \
    -p 3001:3001 \
    -v node-data:/opt/cardano/data \
    nessusio/cardano-node run    

How to install Docker on AWS is documented here.