Need the binary for 1.26.2

I’m hope they release the binary, I can’t compile due to a bunch of random and very hard errors…
as a suggestion, they should always release the binaries together to make our work easier.


What is the errors - maybe someone can help you out fixing those build errors…

sorry man, I gave up days ago trying to fix them and to be fair, why do I need compile a software from the scratch? Its like having to download the source code of Adobe Photoshop to run it, makes zero sense to me.
I need the binary its easy and faster to run. See no reason why they don’t provide us.

they providing it, but for 1.26.2 is still not available - hope they refresh the site with the latest binary soon

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thank you, we’ll see…

I was struggling with cabal, too. For me, the most reliable way to compile is using nix:

nix-build -A cardano-node -o node
nix-build -A cardano-cli -o cli

The binaries are then in ./node/bin and ./cli/bin, respectively.

Don’t forget to enable the “optional” binary cache as described here, otherwise the build will take forever.

I’m trying to install this CNTools, clone another VM and see what happens. sometimes its better a full reset…

Hi, just FYI I am quite happy using nix to build the binaries as suggested here Need the binary for 1.26.2 - #6 by waldmops .
I am running on my laptop a debian distro, and I just installed nix-bin and nix-setup-systemd , I made my user member of nix-users group. All of this NixOS related setup can be avoided just installing nix from the shell script (
Build the new tagged binaries is pretty simple and quick, to easily copy the same binary across relays and core node I just use the upx-ucl package, that is compressing and re-linking statically the binaries so I can build once and copy across multiple nodes.

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ok thank you, I moved to CNTOOLS now