Download binary build iso build from source

When will a binary build of version 1.25.1 become available at

Version 1.25.0 is available in binary version, but the guild scripts require version 1.25.1 and now my topology file is not updated as long as I haven’t rebuild the node from source, which takes a long time…

Will there be a point where the cardano-node automatically discovers relays to connect to and vice versa?

I usually download binaries from cardano-wallet repo under releases/assets

the tarball contains everything including the cardano-node.
They indicate which node version the wallet is compatible with… (the latest now is Compatible with 1.25.1)

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Thanks for your response.

The version of cardano-node in the cardano-wallet tarball was compiled using Haskell compiler ghc-8.6, where the cardano-node executable uses ghc-8.10, as stated in the install instructions: Installing the node from source — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation

I now build the cardano-node from source using the ghc-8.10, so for now I’m fine. I noticed the 1.25.1 release of the cardano-node on Releases · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub was not signed off yet by Ops, so maybe that’s why the binary is not available yet.

interesting - thanks for mentioning this… I will ask them why this version ghc is being used.

there is another way to get the link to the latest binary

Thanks! That helps a lot!

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