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I am trying to install the Linux code and it will only allow version 1.25.1. My screen says we are in 1.30.0-min2. How do I get the newer commands to install? Thanks.

If you are referring to cardano-node/cardano-cli: 1.30.0 is also very outdated. 1.25.1 is ancient. Which method do you use for installing?

should give you the newest versions, but you’ll have to compile them yourself, which is not really necessary.

You can find a binary download by navigating from via “Downloads” – “Hydra binaries” – “cardano-node-linux” to (No, I do not think that’s very user-friendly or self-explanatory.)

Thank you for this info. But I’m having trouble figuring out the commands. Can you help me a bit more?

Can you be more specific, where the problem is?

For the installation from source, the commands are given in that article.

For the binary installation, you download the .tar.gz file, unpack it with tar xzf cardano-node-1.34.1-linux.tar.gz and get a directory with all the binaries including cardano-node and cardano-cli ready to use.

You will have to put them somewhere in your path or create symlinks from somewhere in your path to the directory, where you unpacked them.

For configuring cardano-node, you could start at

By the way: You have two different accounts? Would, perhaps, be clearer to just use one.

This is a good tutorial if you’re wanting to build a node/stake pool from scratch.

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I’ve download the file and extracted it but I don’t know what commands I need to install it in Linux. I’m still learning Linux so I’ve tried wget and sudo with extract. But I’m having trouble with knowing how to get the file into a command line.

wget is a tool to download from the command line. If you have already downloaded and extracted with a browser, you don’t need it.

To “install” you need to copy (or link) the extracted binaries to somewhere in the path, where Linux/the shell searches for commands.

Easiest would perhaps be:

sudo cp * /usr/local/bin/

from inside the folder that was unpacked.

Do you know someone that I can contact to help me over this hump. I’ve tried wget, unzip, install and some other things and now I’m confused what to do. I think if I can get a little help over the phone or something I can move forward. Thanks.

I’m willing to compensate someone for the help.

What’s your end goal for installing the node? Are you wanting to setup a stake pool?

Yes, set up a stake pool. I’ve gotten as far as the cli cardano code, but it’s out dated. I’ve downloaded the latest software to my computer but I don’t know the commands to get it to the black screen. I’ve tried a number of combos of code to download and install, but I am missing something.

What do you mean by “getting it to the black screeen”? The shell/terminal/command line?

To operate a stake pool, you will need at least some Linux knowledge that is not really Cardano-specific. Navigating, copying and moving files around, editing them, how services are started and how you can view their logs, …

It’s been a long time, since I learned these things – from books printed on paper at the time – so, I’m not the most qualified person to recommend current introductory resources. As said, they don’t have to be Cardano-specific. First, some “get to know your Ubuntu system” would be fine.

Get the right commands to the command line. I am taking a Linux class but I guess I haven’t gotten to the place where you download code and place it on the command line.

I would like to entertain the possibility of getting paid help to get me through this point so that I can practice in the test net.

I suggest you work through the first few steps of this guide. Guide: How to Set Up a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew It gives you some of the fundamentals for running a pool and walks you through each step. It’s how I learnt.