Lost cardano node

hi guys, working on updating my stake pool nodes/cli from 1.34.1 to 1.35.0. I followed the coin cashew guide linked. However after copying and replacing the node/cli builds in my usr/local/bin and verifying, it still shows version 1.34.1 and not 1.35.0. gLiveView also confirmed i was running 1.34.1. i have now completely removed the cardano-node/cli files from usr/local/bin. I’m under the impression i have a build installed somewhere else but don’t know how to figure out the location. i also followed the coin cashew guide for installing the nodes, so im unsure where it might have ended up. Anyone have ideas how i might find the directories under which the node/cli might have ended up?

thanks for the help :slight_smile:


use the whereis command to find where your version of cardano-cli and cardano-node are hiding.

This might help, Definition of CARDANO-CLI BINARIES - #3 by HighStakes

yup that was perfect, took 2 seconds! thanks for the help!

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