Trouble updating node to 1.33.1

I use the guides, because I’ve always had the best luck with them. After rebuilding my node and moving to the bin folder, it still says I have version 1.31.0. I don’t see any errors. Any suggestions for what I’m doing wrong?

Did u deleted the old files (1.31.0)?

I deleted the cardano-node folder. I’ll try deleting the old binaries, but I thought those just get overwritten.

To my knowledge there isn’t a 1.33.1 version yet, so perhaps thats contributing to your issue?

Technically there is one here at the 1.33.1 tag: but it’s not a stable version yet.

Type which cardano-cli and see if that is the folder where you moved the new binaries to.
Also run cardano-cli --version on the newly built version, to be sure it really displays 1.33.1
(same applies for the cardano-node binary as well)

This solved it. My files were in the .local/bin and needed installed in the /usr/bin.

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