Can the bow be burned?

Can the ada be burned?


All Ada is owned by somebody, why the heck would you burn other people’s ada?

And the newly created ada through monetary policy is used to pay the stake pools and to fill the treasury which is used for innovation and improving the ecosystem.

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Yes, it can be burned.

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It is not to burn other people’s Ada. It is the system to burn saved data or the initial providers to control the price, inflation.
see the example of bnb, started with 200 million coins and will go to 100 million.

Where can i read it? Thank you

Couple days/weeks back Charles answered the same question in a youtube video.
[Warning, irony ahead]
Who’s ADA do you want to burn? Yours perhaps? I’ll send you an address, no problem.


Exactly my point. thanks for confirming @Triton-pool

Unlike BNB it’s not Cardano’s goal to pump the price. Thus there will be no burns. However if you decide to throw away your private keys, there will less coins available - mission accomplished.

so that an answer like that? I just asked to know, not to be mocked

Ok. The total number of Ada is fixed to 45 000 000 000 there is no mechanism to create or destroy Ada.

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