Cannot Start Relay Node: Guide From Official Documentation

I am unable to start a relay node. I am following the official documentation (official documentation).

I am using AWS Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, t3.large. I am trying to set up one block producing node and one relay node.
Relay Node Public IPv4 address:
Block producing Public IPv4 address: 33.222.321.123

Starting the relay node:
cardano-node run \
--topology mainnet-topology.json \
--database-path db \
--socket-path db/node.socket \
--host-addr \
--port 3001 \
--config mainnet-config.json

relay mainnet-topology.json:
relay topolopy

The error that I am getting is:

Please can someone advise?

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Try to start the node with host addr

@Alexd1985 Appreciate the response. I am getting the following readout. Should i be concerned with the following error message?

Starting relay node with

Try to keep only the IOHK RELAYS on the topology file (till the nodes will be synced)
Also delete from ur comment the BP IP (should be hide for the public)

Don’t post sensitive data about ur nodes, this is a public forum

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@Alexd1985 Thanks for the advice on security. I will be re-spinning all these nodes with fresh IP addresses once I get this whole thing working.

So you mean my topology file for the relay node should be the following…(before I add the block producing node):

relayNode topology

Exactly, let the node to sync first and after u will modify the topology by removing iohk nodes and adding ur BP

OK, so the readout no longer contains the error message as described above. I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but how will i know when the relay node is fully synced and approximately how long does that take?

Hmm install glive… I guess u are not using cntools right?

Check step 8 from here

no, i am following the official documentation…Documentation

I don’t know if it is updated… u can try to rebuild again using cntools (see my topics) if u didn’t synced the nodes yet, or u can adapt the coincashew guide (see above)