Can't get rewards after update KES Period on alonzo era

Hello everyone
i get a problem about my node on cardano include relay node and block producing node.
this is the case : my KES Period will expire and i update KES period from this link cardano-node/ at master · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

after i update KES period and generate new node.cert and use generate new node.cert, i can’t rewards again

anyone can help me, please?

I don’t understand your question… you rotated the KES and have issues with the rewards? there are 2 different things…

yes, after i rotated KES and have issues with rewards, Alex

as additional information : i update KES period on middle range time epoch 290 and after that, i not get yet rewards until 8 days

by the way, i use cardano-node and cardano-cli with 1.29.0 version

can you give me an insight about additional setting and running node relay and block producer on alonzo era ?
may be there have same extra setting

what is the pool ticker?
if you just rotated the keys u should not worry about… or do you want to say that you are loosing blocks?

pool ticker is Nobi
what’s definition about loosing blocks ?
my node always sync on relay node and block producer node
and i want to say that my block producer not minted yet block, Alex

aaa ok, then if the pool didn’t minted any block, you will not have rewards…
rewards are coming only when you will mint blocks

I think I understand now… you are saying that after u rotated the KES the pool stop minting blocks?

Is this your pool?


yes, of course
exactly, Alex

i think that it’s abnormal. before that everything was fine and pool always minted blocks.
can this happen by doing rotated KES?

yes, should be a reasson… now… did u ran the cncli learderlog to check for the blocks assigned?
you will need to check the logs to see what is the issue, sometimes there are issues with the certificate after rotating the KES

you can try to rotate again, you also can use coincashew guide

no, i didn’t run cncli leaderlog
it should run on block producer node, right ?

if i want to update KES period, doest it just generate node.cert ?
when i update KES period, i just do step by step from this link cardano-node/ at master · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

did I do something wrong in the KES update period ?
or is there something missing instructions from the link?

hmm, more files will be regenerated. wait please… you are not using cntools right?
if not please follow this guide

more files ?
what’s it ?
i’m not using cntools but i just use some command to update KES period with cardano-cli

check the steps provided above, and try to rotate 2-3 times I think u hit this issue…

I had this issue in the past

should i Make a new KES key pair when i want to update KES period?
and should i install cncli leaderlog on block producer node?

check my above post… yes, try to rotate the KES 3 times, and then copy the new certificate to the live producer… and restart the node

and yes, better to install cncli and run it every epoch, this way you will know how many blocks were assigned to you and which one you missed in case u will miss one

so, in another words, i have to generate KES pair key before i generate new node.cert , right ?

and then, what’s the meaning about “try to rotate the KES 3 times, and then copy the new certificate to the live producer” ?
i mean that Do I immediately generate 3 times within 5 minutes or do I try to rotate the case with a different period of 1 day?

what is the approximate timeframe for rotating the KES period 3 times?

immediately, just rotate them 3 times (run the command 3 times)

rotate 3 times and another words, i will generate KES key pair 3 times, right ?
or am i wrong ?

just run this script 3 times, if you heat the above bug, it will fix it

chmod u+rwx $HOME/cold-keys
cardano-cli node issue-op-cert \
    --kes-verification-key-file kes.vkey \
    --cold-signing-key-file $HOME/cold-keys/node.skey \
    --operational-certificate-issue-counter $HOME/cold-keys/node.counter \
    --kes-period <startKesPeriod> \
    --out-file node.cert
chmod a-rwx $HOME/cold-keys

You can check your current key using cardano-cli text-view decode-cbor --in-file <path>/node.cert | grep int | head -1

and check it again after you rotated the KES

alright and let it overwrite old node.cert when i execute command 3 times, right ?

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exacty, but check with that command provided above, before to rotate, and after… .it should increment the value +1 each time you rotated