KES Rotation Help- Node.cert not Producing new file "Air Gapped PC"

Good Evening everyone,

Im trying to do my KES Rotation and the output file (node.cert) isn’t updating. I’ve completed all steps on coincashew 18.1, all steps run smoothly but when i check the $HOME/cold-keys/node.cert it’s showing that nothing changed with the file. It’s showing my first node.cert setup in August. Can someone please help as im two days before expiration (one day, it just switched).

also, now the node.counter is up to 16 from me trying different solutions from the forum and the next issue number should be : 1 . Now that im writing this could this be the issue?

You are creating the new cert file in the ~/cardano-my-node folder while you are checking for it in the ~/cold-keys folder. Do a ll ~/cardano-my-node and there’s a big chance you will see the new node.cert file there.


That was it!!! Thank you so much!!! Now i feel silly as I’ve been troubleshooting for hours and it was that simple (still new to linux). The KES keys have been rotated,
Again Thank you!!!

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