KES Rotated but not showing on gLiveView


Just rotated my KES using the coincashew guide with 8 days remaining,
But they are not showing on gLiveView?
Any suggestions?

Screenshot from 2021-11-07 18-38-19

Did you restart the node?

Yeah I did

Try curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep KES

Check if you copied the correct newly created node.cert

Screenshot from 2021-11-07 18-55-06

I copied the node.cert correctly and have done it twice

Then something is wrong, can u repeat the action

I will try again, But have done it twice already, I will let you know :+1:


Tried twice,
Made sure I had the correct cardano-cli. Waited for file zilla to create the new files before uploading them and still not showing current/remaining

Got It working, the issue was the kes.vkey was taking longer to copy over and I was coping over the older version to my air-gapped.
Thanks guys

Screenshot from 2021-11-07 19-32-37

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