KES Expiration go up in days in gLiveView and not changing in Grafana

In gLiveView my KES expiration went from expiring 12/19 to now 12/28 and in Grafana the Key Rotation keeps showing 93 days for weeks now. Please help. Thanks!


Did u set the grafana to 30 minutes?

It was set to 3 hours, but I just changed it to 30 minutes. But why does my gLiveView now show a later expiration date then it did a week ago?

Click edit on the KES dashboard
what is the metric?
I have this
cardano_node_metrics_remainingKESPeriods_int * 1.5

but now you have in glive 62 which in reality means 62 * 1.5 = 93 days exact what grafana shows
it looks like the producer not updating the KES current/remaining in glive (the value are the same in both pictures)… keep it under monitoring for few days… remember 1 day in glive means 1.5 days in reality

The producer pictures show two different dates for expiration date 12/28 and 12/19

yes, but above infos KES current/remaining are the same even the KES expiration date is different :wink:

if there are 62 days till 28/12 it means till 19/12 should be 53 right?

I’m sorry I still don’t understand. The 62 days remaining is on both images, however the one that 62 days remaining and expiration date of 12/19 was taken over a week ago. The other picture, that still shows 62 days and expiration date of 12/28 was taken today. Is it normal for the remaining days to stay the same and expiration date to move to a later date? I’m sure if I check producer in a couple days it will still say 62 days. And Granfa has shown 93 days left for 3 weeks now.

Nope, it’s not normal, this is what I tried to explain, in GLIVE the KES remaining days is not updating… that’s why you see same 93 days on grafana

So how do I fix it? Rotate KES key?

nope, try this command today and after 2-3 days and check if the values are updating,
curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep KES

I think u are using another port for ekg metrics? can you go inside the config file and check?

12798 is correct

try this command, it’s working?

curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep KES


but something is strange… how did u rotated the KES?
the values should be different

We are a new pool who registered on Sept 3rd. I rotated the KES yesterday and now it seems to be fixed and working correctly. Thanks!

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