Adding KES expiration date in Grafana

First, big thanks to the guys from cardano-community/ guild-operators for the great tools.
In gLiveView in BP node there is KES expiration date Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 14.01.14
Is it possible to add this info to my Grafana dashboard?

In gLiveView, I inspected the code and the formula is

expiration_time_sec=$(( current_time_sec - ( SLOT_LENGTH * (tip_ref % SLOTS_PER_KES_PERIOD) ) + ( SLOT_LENGTH * SLOTS_PER_KES_PERIOD * remaining_kes_periods ) ))

But if anyone has done this already I will be grateful if they can share how to set up dashboard control for this.

Yes, u can

This is the metric:


PS: the remaining days from grafana should be multiplied with 1.5 to result the expiration date from glive

So cardano_node_metrics_remainingKESPeriods_int * 1.5 = remaining days

that’s correct

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curious, how do find different metric properties?

You can check all metric properties on Prometheus frontend.

Is there an alternative way to pull up this info? Im not able to access that endpoint for some reason.