Cardano 1.26.1 release note

Changelog for cardano-api

  • The cardano-submit-api now takes transactions encoded as CBOR rather than
    JSON. This reverts a change to existing behaviour for backwards compatibility.
    (#2491, #2512)
  • Remove a backwards-compatibility workaround related to the optional query
    point (#2241 below) when querying the NodeLocalState. This had resulted in
    spurious notifications of disconnection in the logs. Note that as a
    consequence of this, instances of the CLI and other tools using the 1.26.1 API
    will fail to query node state from older versions of the node. (#2540)

Changelog for cardano-cli

  • It’s no longer necessary to specify the era when making a CLI query. When not
    specified, the current era will be used as a default. (#2470)
    I think it is greatest steps in this release…

Changelog for cardano-node

node changes

  • Fix RTS options, which got accidentally corrupted in the previous release.
  • Support for GHC 8.6.5 has been dropped. (#2507) be careful
  • Various internal improvements and refactorings. (#2505)
  • Disable the “uncoupled blocks” metric. This was shown in profiling to have an
    unfortunately large overhead. This reverts the change introduced in #2321.
  • Update the iohk-monitoring framework to fix a file descriptor leak. (#2518)

ledger changes

  • Fix an unevalutated thunk error in reward computation. (#2183)
  • Additional properties added to the Mary/Allegra formal specification (#2178)
  • Updates to the Alonzo formal specification (#2189, #2194)
  • Work on implementing the upcoming Alonzo era. (#2176, #2185, #2190)

network changes

  • Add a tracer for the delay between when a block should have been forged and
    when we’re ready to adopt it. (#2995)

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