Cardano #1 based on github commit activity (CryptoMiso Index of 611 currencies)

This Japanese article talks about how Cardano (Ada) is #1 ranked based on GitHub activity as measured using commits. They correctly note that a minor bug fix counts the same as a commit vs a major update, but overall it’s a reasonable guide to who has what kind of dev activity going on.
They ranked coins by Market Cap and then added their Crypto Miso rank, which was interesting (i.e. BitCoin has highest market cap, but #7 for dev commits):

· Bitcoin (Bitcoin / BTC): No. 7
· Etherium (Ethereum / ETC): 41
· Ripple / XRP: 104
· Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash / BCH): 94
· Cardano / ADA ): 1st
· Stellar (XLM): 71
· Neo (Neo): 162th
· Light coin (Litecoin / LTC): 27th
· Ios (EOS): 5th
· Nem (NEM / XEM): 238 Place

You can see the CryptoMiso index here:

I would note that Cardano is #1 with 6,402 commits…vs the #2 ranked, Lisk only has 2,680 commits. Basically the gap between Cardano dev activity and everyone else is quite large!

One last point- they noted that RedPulse which ICO’ed in October…has only had a single github commit since then…yikes.

Article here (in Japanese):


You can find Cardano’s dev activities here at Cardano (ADA) price info, dev activities | CoinDab

#2 out of ~1500 cryptocurrencies

FYI - This is incomplete and does not cover all repos it only looks at IOHK, not Emurgo. You can find more complete compilation at

ok but why cardano-community / Repositories · GitHub has 7 repos and -> Cardano Community only shows 3?

And emurgo org itself seems to have repos that have nothing to do with Cardano:

It shows the weekly active ones I believe. And yes, there are other repos created that may or may not directly be linked to cardano, but as you can see there are a lot more to be included then the ones commonly monitored