Why is the amount of cardano commits so low?

Hi guys, I was checking some sites like https://www.cryptomiso.com/ to see the amount of project commits, and I noticed that Cardano dropped a lot (in 2018 it was at the top, now it is at position 90). Can anyone explain if the repository is not being updated for some reason?

PS: I have no doubt that the project is developing very well, and I also know that quantity does not mean quantity, I am just asking this question to try to understand the reason for the great variation of the last year.

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Hello, after a brief review it looks like the only repo they are following/tracking is https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-sl/graphs/commit-activity (Cardano Settlement Layer)

If you really want to know how fast Cardano is developing, please have a look at https://cardanoupdates.com. When you see it for the first time it is mind-blowing.


Hi Adatainment!

Thank you! Didn`t know about https://cardanoupdates.com!
Great resource and shows how much work is being put into Cardano in a very transparent way!


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The cryptomiso.com/ is only looking at the https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-sl repo which is the old code base that currently running mainnet. Code in that repository is in maintenance mode while a rewrite is being underataken.

Since October 2018, a rewrite was started and that rewrite is taking place in the following repositories:

Activity in those repositories varies, but in some, it has been consistently high.


This is really going to be a thing? Is this so that developers have options or…? kind of cool to think everyone does not have to update when Haskell becomes king or whatever.

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This wallet is the interface between the Deadelus wallet UI and either the Rust or Haskell node.

The Rust node is currently running the Incentivised Testnet and as far as aI am aware, the Haskell node will run on mainnet.


Thank you @erikd and @adatainment! It was very enlightening. I sent an e-mail to coincheckup.com so them can check it out. I couldn’t find a contact form for cryptomiso.com
It would be good if they fix it… Many performance reports use these sites as a reference.