Cardano and the future of cloud computing

Hi guys, I want to start a thread on the future of Cardano and cloud computing.

Some technologists have envisioned in the next 20 - 30 years, an information age which cities are automated by artificial intelligence backed by cloud computing, data will become explosively huge. Our behavior will be captured, sent to a data center, anaylzed in the data center by build-in machine learning API, redirected the information to consented government or corporate entities, and feed back decision making event to the user.

An example of this would be a woman removes hiking gears from smart wardrobe, drives to a nearby mountain. Smart wardrobe and smart car send feed information to mountain rescue. Mountain rescue heighten alerts. Woman returns home, smart wardrobe recommends latest gear.

At this stage, blockchain can hardly support the amount of data that flows between these devices. The large cloud data centers such as Amazon and Azure are measuring in teraflop/second. The API that decides whether the information should be sent to a beach rescue or mountain rescue also cannot be resided inside a blockchain as they are too large.

Blockchain solves the trust issue by decentralization, but it appears it cannot be the primary driving force that pushes our living standard forward. Is there a future where blockchain can play a role in centralized database?

Practitioners of cloud computing please opine in.

The wolves at the World Economic Forum have already been salivating over this kind of future for years. In the meantime I can only give thanks that the economy of blockchain remains incompatible with the superfluity of analytics.

If any aspiring developer misses the exploitative subtext of position papers like this then I truly feel sorry for them. Many energetic minds of this generation are being seduced by the promise that surveillance and data aggregation will be used benevolently… while in reality these things support the increasingly dominant reality of control, censorship, and confinement.

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