Cardano as a large data solution?

I’m been trying to figure out a way to solve a large data problem and wondered whether Cardano blockchain might be a good fit?

  • Capturing the data requires massive decentralisation.
  • The complete dataset will need to be stored over many nodes
  • To ensure the data integrity, the data should be validated by consensus - must be trustless.
  • The data should be stored as immutable time series.
  • The supplier(s) of the data should be rewarded by consumer(s) of the data.

Does this sound like a possible use case for a Cardano blockchain?

Are there any similar sounding projects which I could look at to get a feel for this?

I’m very far from expert, will be interested in other opinions, but IMO this is not for “heavy lifting” of data. For instance, max metadata per transaction is currently just 16kb, I believe. OTOH maybe off-chain storage with hashing could be used.