Domains and websites on Cardano blockchain

Hi Guys, the company have a very interesting feature of creating websites within the Ethereum blockchain. Does anyone know if this functionality is expected to be implemented on Cardano at any time? I would like to see the Cardano blockchain as the basis for a decentralized internet. What is your opinion about this? Does anybody know if Charles ever talked about it?


it would make sense to have stakepools, for instance, have their websites decentralised.

i think this is a great and inevitable idea once smart contracts are implemented.

Storing data that is large and changes frequently on a blockchain is a really bad idea. Blockchain space is far more costly than other forms of storage.

A far better solution to distributed storage is IPFS and then maybe storing the file hash or IPFS URI on a blockchain.


Hi @erikd are you considering the storage being distributed among different agents? Siacoin, for example, has some interesting prices for storage: There’re lots of projects like this, investing in decentralized storage. I’m not an expert but would like to understand the limitations in Cardano on this subject. If the idea is so bad, why there are people building solutions like this on Ethereum?

I think I need to clear up what I am talking about. There is a HUGE difference between storing things on chain (which will be expensive) and off chain with a hash or URL being stored on chain.

I am very much against storing everything on the chain, but have no issue with things like hashes or URLs being stored.


@erikd Ok, but unstoppabledomains stores everything on Ethereum chain, right? Do you think they are underestimating the problems? This guys are investing millions on this kind of solution :thinking:

The main utiliity they present here is domain registration which would be censorship resistant from third party sites :slight_smile: This could be easily used on any chain (not limited to ethereum/xyz/…)

The storage is external (could be IPFS or other solutions) - as @erikd mentioned , it wouldnt be ideal to have storage blobs itself (instead of hash/pointers) on a immutable blockchain and every node sync TB/PBs of data across the planet.


I am not sure. If they are, I would definitely think they are making a huge mistake. How many terrabytes is the Eth blockchain now? How long does it take to sync the chain with a good network connection and fast SSD disks?

Blockchain space is not infinite, it is a scarce resource.

Ok guys @erikd @rdlrt I think I was wrong about unstoppabledomains using website storage on chain. I know they have the concept of websites on blockchain, but the solution must be something I didn’t understand yet. Thank you very much for the replies.

If memory serves me, I believe I recall in an older AMA Charles did speak to the general proposition of building a new internet on blockchain. I believe he was negative on the idea. He made a few comments in general to support his position yet I don’t recall any specific. Try to Tweet him and ask that he re address the idea in an AMA. I’d guess that unless there are technical reasons the concept isn’t closed if enough interest were expressed by the community. It just takes money to do the development.

Wouldn’t it be very cool to see ADA used as the payment for the domains and some portion also be paid to the system for monthly fee’s. I’d just like to see if the use model could stimulate more fee’s to the Pools and those who stake. I don’t believe there is enough effort to drive value to the stake holders. I’d also like to see some time spent on developing models that made the crypto more valuable and not just the blockchain. This is the major weakness in the Cardano model. The blockchain is going to explode in value while it’s second leg (ADA) is going to be stunted. >>>At least is what appears to be the case. Hope I’m wrong. Any of the companies who have a world changing message and vision seem to all have these giant pools of crypto in the tens of billions which limits increases in valuation. Unlike BITCOIN which we all know has a very limited supply. The limited supply helps put upward pressure on price. At most ADA may see $10 and that in as many years MAYBE. Just observing, not complaining. I do hope I’m wrong. If it hit $10 my 6 grandkids will have cold storage wallets worth a million bucks each. Even if ADA hits $1.00 in 10 years they will be happy. ADA and Cardano have a great future. It’s going to bless many people. We may not hit the moon (maybe it will) but it will grow in value on several levels.

Be well all.

I’m ready to get myname.ada on the Cardano chain!

Changed your mind about the ADA appreciation now? :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in registering a domain, especially if in conjunction with a stake pool and/or it’s related Cardano community with their own tokens etc.

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We’re thrilled to announce the first domain based project on Cardano!

Please check it out and give us a follow.