Domain Registration Extension for Cardano Blockchain

Is there anyone currently working on a project to have domains / domain extensions / websites on the Cardano blockchain similar to “Unstoppable Domains” that are connected to the Ethereum or Zilliqa blockchains? They are allowing people to simplify the payment process by using the domain names / website names that someone can purchase and permanently own that lives and operates on the blockchains that are also decentralized and not regulated / censored by organizations like ICANN. I am currently only invested in Cardano and do not wish to purchase a domain or set up a website that is only living or attached to the Ethereum or Zilliqa blockchains. I contacted Unstoppable Domains and they informed me that they have no plans to have domain names on the Cardano blockchain.

So that is why I’m asking if Cardano currently has anyone that is working on a “.crypto” or “.zil” or maybe a “.ada” type of domain for Cardano investors and future business operators? This will certainly help make things easier for adoption and payment processing with new crypto users while also allowing for website creators and business entrepreneurs to get started on the Cardano blockchain.

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Hello, I’ve proposed this exact idea on Fund5, and I also tried to reach out to unstoppable domains first, but it seems they don’t want to collaborate with Cardano. You can check out the project here and maybe you would like to help us make this possible. We’re now looking for technical profiles with some experience in IPFS and blockchain devs as well. But anyone who feel can add value is very welcome anyways.