How to build partnership to introduce our community to Daedalus?

Hi there =)

I’m with Unstoppable Domains and we’d love to have a Cardano wallet option for our rapidly growing user base. We do NFT domains on the blockchain which replace machine readable addresses with human readable names to improve wallet UX.

We support ADA and would love to partner with Daedalus and help drive more usage. We have a large and thriving community with 2.5MM domains registered (>1MM in the last year).

Does anyone know if there is a partnerships person to speak with?

For Daedalus, probably:

But note that there are a lot more wallet apps on Cardano that would have to implement your solution:

There is also already some competition:, which is already widely used,, which is still building, and probably more.

Would you moving to Cardano also involve that we can buy those domains on Cardano?


Thanks for the information packed response!

For wallet partnerships, we’re just trying to give our Cardano users and ADA holders more options and utility as Unstoppable Domains is chain agnostic.

Hello @UnstoppableMike

If you are with Unstoppable Domains you should know there is already Cardano integration with Yoroi wallet

The team from Emurgo (that you worked with Yoroi) can easily connect you to Daedalus devs. :+1:


Thanks for the help @Neo_Spank, will ask for an intro through the Emurgo team =)