Crypto domain names .ada


Crypto domain names are popular now. There are .eth, .crypto, .zil, etc for easy using of receiving/sending crypto currencies. sells .crypto for 40$ and .zil for 20$.

I’d rather have a myname.ada.

Can Cardano provide crypto domain names in a easy way? inbuild in the wallet?

  1. For free. Most popular, like email address myname@gmail.
  2. Sell for 1 ada. Only accept payment in ada. More user.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but I am guessing you’re talking about using the domains to promote stake pool names…

One thing the developers might do for no cost at all (to us) is for Daedalus & other wallet apps to support a custom URI protocol, so that a link of the form:


(i.e. the long hex string) would be associated by the OS or browser with an application assigned to that protocol (e.g. Daedalus) and open up that stake pool in its Delegation / Staking component.

Maybe even with the upcoming SMASH integration said to be in Daedalus 2.2, assuming this keeps the pool names unique, it could eventually support concise URIs like:


… which would be a very practical formulation of your stake pool branding.

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Hi and thanks @rphair.

It is not for promote Stake pool names.

A crypto domain name is for send/receiving cryptocurrency, in stead of provide the sender a long unreadable string you provide a crypto domain name, e.g. charles.crpto, which is connected to your(the receiver’s) diverse currency addresses. Send bitcoin, ethereum, ada, and any other cryptocurrency with just one domain. No more worrying about sending to the wrong address.

So .ada is to help people using crypto curreny and also promote ada.

well, then I’m sorry for jumping into your thread with my own completely separate idea. Maybe another reader would chime if there’s any word that a custom URI protocol is implemented, or being investigated, for Cardano or any other blockchain wallets.

I noticed on business cards people have address like to point to their Facebook profile, to point to their Twitter feed, etc., which can be easily set up on your domain’s web server as a 301 Redirect.

So you could give out your Cardano address as by redirecting it to your payment address as appearing on Cardano Explorer (example). If you wanted to buy a separate domain for just that redirect then it would work just as well.

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p.s. here’s another thing which might do what you are interested in.

Hi and thanks for your nice reply with info link. @COSDpool

I am not good at technique. Just wish Cardano provide/develop the function/service of crypto domain/address that benefit both users and promote Cardano/ada. :slight_smile:

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