Website domains and addresses on Cardano

I want to create this topic here because a couple of colleagues and I are working on a project proposal to create blockchain-based domains on Cardano and we’re looking for like-minded people who want to join us on this journey.
The problems we’re trying to address with this proposal are mainly 2:

  1. Traditional websites are centralized, easy to attack and to censor, because of centralization. We want to create decentralized website domains on top of Cardano, promoting web 3.0, freedom of speech and a better storage system overall with IPFS.
  2. Crypto addresses are generic, hard to read and impossible to remember. These problems might be an entry barrier for newcomers wanting to use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. With Cardano domains, we can increase the ease of use, promoting and facilitating Cardano’s adoption as a financial system worldwide.
    Instead of using a bunch of random numbers and letters every time we want to send money to someone, we can simply use a domain like tomas.ada or .cardano, which is easy to remember and verify who is the owner of the specific domain.
    Another main feature I’d like to share is that we’re thinking about a business model who will benefit and feed Cardano’s treasury back, designating a percentage of the total sells of the domains to it. We estimate we’ll end up giving more funds than we originally are planning to ask.
    I’m just scratching the surface about the potential of this proposal, so I encourage everyone who want to know more about it to enter the following link to our Project Catalys’s proposal, to read about all the benefits of it and also some explanation about how it would work.
    We’re looking for some technical profiles to collaborate with us. Knowledge about IPFS systems would be desirable, but anyone who feels can add value to this proposal is welcome to join us.