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Hello everyone I was just curious if we are closer to being able to build DAPPS on Cardano? My team and I filled our provisional on an idea that utilizes blockchain for a ledger system for plant data to share plant data between farmers (there are other factors too but this is just as far as we need for blockchain).

Hi @CouchMeka ,

still waiting for the Alonzo hard fork. IOHK team will inform the progress on their website.

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Hello @CouchMeka , it depends on what exactly you have planned of course, but it sounds like transaction metadata would be enough to make that happen. (you don’t need smart contracts to store/send data)

You can use transaction metadata today on mainnet. Please see this presentation for a starting point: Metadata Workshop 01/18/21 - Google Slides


Hi @adatainment ,

thanks for sharing the slides for transaction metadata. I learned more about the JSON structure. And the adastat website is very helpful. Do you have more workshop slides that we can read? Thank you :beers:

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Is there a place where educational content like this is collected and curated?


Not right now, but we are working on it.


Hmmm, is a true challenge to do iot trough Cardano node…i have some idea like sending parameter eq flow, temperature,levels as metadata…after wallet2 receive it the transaction with metadata and read it…we have to delete transaction…this will need to be in the loop. Seems easy flow . But then comes fees . Multiply fees 6 times per minute and 6 x 60 times per hour an so one…we need some sort of fee per day not per transaction

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The question is of course do you need to send this sensor data in real time or can you collect it and send it after a while as a meta data transaction? (usually this makes much more sense, especially with regard to the transaction costs)

It would be in real-time and stored. We want to take the sensor data and store it on a ledger. We then want to have that ledger accessible to be used by AI to manipulate the data for the users. This is going to be for plant data so farmers can share the plant information over blockchain between users who don’t fully trust one another for more efficient farming.

I suggest rethinking the design and considering other approaches. For example, what is the advantage over a document that has been hashed and the hash is stored on the blockchain along with the link? You can thus store thousands of entries in one transaction.

If real-time means wasting a transaction for every sensor data, then you can do that, but I have a feeling that it will be way too expensive.

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Hi Adatainment,

This is Liang. Yeah, we do need more educational material for developers such as comprehensive documentation.

Aside from that, I do willing to contribute to the education material if you need some help. Feel free to ping me up. Here is my linkeln. :grin: :grin: