Cardano and the Internet of Things

How does Cardano adress the coming IOT needs for having a secure mesh of communication between IOT-devices with need for 0 fee? Is there any interoperability of Cardano with IOTA planed or will cardano solve the IOT-problems on itsself? How? Please provide details and indepth coming roadmap, if any. Thank you so much, especially to Charles that quoted in his last interview with Crypto Bobby that he is “excited about IOTA”. I really love that man for his openmindedness and clear understanding on what the 4th industrial revolution really needs.

Sorry for the bump. Just also wanted to know if there are any future plans of interoperability with IOTA. If yes, I’m curious how communication between the Cardano blockchain and the IOTA tangle can be accomplished as the two seem to be greatly different from each other. Daedalus is planned to be a multi-currency wallet, will it also be possible to hold IOTA tokens in the far future?

I too would love to see some feedback from those that would know about how and if Cardano plans to play with IOTA