Cardano mainnet release

Hello guys,
I have one really interesting question regarding Cardano Platform.So here it is…Is it possible to create your own bussines on it after the full realisation of the project ?

It depends on what you would like to use it for. As the mainnet is already up and running you can use it even now for something. If you are after smart contracts that’s not available yet. See high level roadmap here.


Thank you for your answer,so my idea is is it possible for example to create your own online shop or something similar in the platform based on smart contracts?

For sure, when Cardano realizes it’s full potential you should be able to run a online shop on the platform using the tools that come with the rollouts the develpers are refining, smart contracts will be very useful for online shops, it just gets very technical when combatting the likes of Amazon, how should someone write a smart contract to protect thier business? How do you protect the consumer? How does that contract get integrated into the protocol?
There is a useful tool out now that merchants can utilize that you might like to read about
Cardano Foundation and COTI to offer an ada payment processing solution for merchants

Merchants probably should use this tool :point_up_2: until some well-defined experts on the Cardano protocol widely accept the style of proposed smart contracts being proposed to be used by our community that want to use smart contracts that allow merchants to move forward with little to no risk.
Remember: Cardano is in its infancy and we all are now the very roots of its future growth, when we lend our self to the protocol and its development we have a chance to build it up and it will absorb that,Cardano does not does not a turn a blind eye to innovation, so if you have idea’s - - - let them loose… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much for your kind answer sir.
The Project needs exactly the people like you!
Cheers for the Project and all the best!

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Hello guys,
So I understood that the second snapshot will be on 29.
I have Yoroi from the first snapshot shall I create a new one specifically for the second snapshot or I can stay with the current one ?
Thank you for the answer!

if you got your ADA stored on yoroi (not with hardware wallet) you can stay with your current one.

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Ok thank you because I understood that we have to download a new version from the website,but ok thanks so at the moment just have to wait nothing more…

For balance check, not for snapshot.

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Ok Thank you for the answers guys,
One more question when the main shelley finally released we will still receive ADA rewards every month or there’s still no information about that?

Yes once shelley is live on mainnet you will still receive staking rewards every 5 days if you participate in staking :grin::+1:

Thank you for the answer!
Every 5 days :smiley: that sounds too good to be true :D.What will be percentage there 1-2%or more?

Yup every 5 days (end of each epoch) But in terms of % I couldn’t say, we’ll have to wait and see what IOHK decide :grin:

Assuming you’re in the slot leader’s pool…

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Hello guys,
So I guess the second snapshop is over what not shall we wait for the rewards or?
Thank you in Advance!

Information dump scheduled for 5th Dec.

Hello guys
Does we have any information regarding the rewards wallets.When will be published?
Thank you.

These are scheduled to be released next week.

Thank you very much for your support and answer!

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Hello again guys.I would like to ask,when will be possible to cash out our rewards from the test net?I have one more inquiry.When will be also known,whether the Cardano will be listed on Coinbase or not?Thank you!