Let me introduce myself and my DAPP business =)


Hello everyone,

I´m a 26 year internet professional form Luxembourg.
I am very excited to be here and I´m eager to contribute as much as I can!
I am currently working in online Marketing but I am transitioning to create my first company, which is going to be based on a dapp. I don´t feel comfortable yet to share my idea on an open platform since I am at an early stage in the process.

While I´ve been researching about blockchain technology these last months , I found ehtereum as a platform that could support my dapp in theory until I found out about how Cardano works a few weeks ago. My programming skills on the other side are very limited which I am going to change in the process. I decided to start by taking a solidity course on udemy and after that I´ll go on with my javascript course. (Any recommendations on how to have the ideal learning process are welcome).

My research concerning scalability issues led me to Cardano at one point, which I figured might be one of the most interesting perspectives at the moment. My plan is to learn programming and acquire skills until I can build a prototype dapp of what I want to do. In the meantime I am looking for investors (already got 2 potential investors, meeting coming soon) and if I can find funding, I´ll hire devs and get to the next level. If I find investors before prototyping, I intend to hire developers to get it done in the best possible way from the start and learn as much as possible from them.

I am asking myself if it is too early/risky to set up the framework for a dapp company at this point and if my approach makes sense to you in the first place.

Any input is more than welcome.
Thanks in advance


You’re looking to do your prototype Dapp on Cardano? I don’t think cardano is developed enough yet, so bear in mind any developers you hire will be learning it on the go. I run a node of Cardano and I hope to interact with it from the command-line soon. I don’t think one can deploy ‘smart contracts’ yet to it, might need both the Computation and Settlement Layers.

But overall, if you can get in from the start, then that’s great! That’s what I’m trying to do with Cardano. Right mindset. Just don’t overshoot your goals right now and promise people you’ll have a running app on Cardano anytime soon.

As for programming, I took about 2 years of self-study, programming bootcamp and then a full year of working for a startup before I felt like I could really build and deploy a quality app on my own. If you can learn programming and be directly applying it to Dapps, then great. Follow those tutorials. Might be tough in the beginning if you lack programming skills.

2 quotes they taught me at code school: “the most you should pay someone for their idea is $10” and “you might want to keep your idea secret, but you’ll have to shove it down people’s throats at some point if you want it to be successfull”



Thank you for your answer, much appreciated.

In the long term maybe. I will start by developping the smart contract framwork in solidity with ethereum smart contracts and try to enable a smooth transition to another platform like cardano when it’s functional.

Do you have any recommendations of courses or books that, in hindsight, were good picks?

I totally agree to both of your statements and I will share my idea as soon as I got a company structure and some kind of working prototype to have the advantage, however I’ll definately keep you and the others on the forum posted on my progress.

If you have any other feedback you want to share, please do.


I started with mastering the Easy and Medium javascript problems on Coderbyte.com (takes a few weeks to several months depending on your experience), because that’s what the competitive bootcamps recommended doing. The school I went to now has applicants prepare with Codewars.com (levels 6 to 8 I believe) which are same kind of problems. Need to think algorithmically first, this is why so much emphasis on rote javascript problems before bothering trying to use it with tools (React, Node.js etc).

If the above ^^ is too hard then go to codeacademy.com and codeschool.com and learn javascript there first. If you never coded before then I recommend this.

Coderbyte and Codewars are nice because you can see other user solutions. I think Coderbyte costs $ now though. I have all the Easy and Medium problems saved on a notepad.txt if you need.

That’s cool, I also ought to be developing things on Solidity and Ethereum more. I’ve perused their tutorials over the months but should really get back to it.


Thanks for your feedback!