Hello from Paris & Berlin /eternitas.io

Hi I´m Milosz, a lawyer and academic living in Paris and Berlin. I´m a long-term Ada holder and I´m actually building a start-up in legal tech concerning estate management & estate planning via blockchain. IMHO, Cardano is the most interesting and reliable project in the crypto-space at the moment and we´re considering to build our DApp on this network. Don´t hesitate to get in touch: milosz@eternitas.io
Cheers, Milosz


I know another Lawyer who wants to do the same in the USA, was waiting for Tezos but I’m advising to deploy on Cardano as they are playing for the long haul.

Send me a PM if you want to exchange info.


Thanks Jonathan, I have to figure out HOW to PM you first, I guess…! Would be great to exchange some ideas…

I have recently crossed paths with another venture that will use Cl for Dapps, but they are looking at beginning on Ethereum using ERC20 token to crowdsale, I think you should look at taking that route, you will be able to move over to Cardano when it’s ready, while at the same time you would be able to market your Dapp sooner and it would give you a stronger foothold in the crypto space surrounding Cardano when you do bring your model to the platform as you would have the community of Ethereum already involved and if your Dapp is one of the first few on Cardano then you will have also have all of the Cardano community eye’s on you.

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Hi Haskell-plus, thanks for your comment! I suppose you´re absolutely right: be quick or be dead. We´re in the middle of a landrun. Still I like the Cardano approch a lot: be not the first, but be the most solid. It´s not what marketing people would say, but sometimes the wisdom of grandma is right. I´m glad to choose the best of the two approaches…

Yes it is a a landrun for some,I am happy to support anyone looking into being on the latest and greatest platform, I also plan to run a Dapp on Cardano, I want to bring a new standard to transferring Mill Test Records (MTR’s) in my industry, I am trying to figure out how to utilize the user’s energy while connected to the platform without them having to hold any crypto and without it costing them much more than turning on their CPU but running it through the Cardano platform.
Hope to see you around in other threads @m_matuschek

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Sigh, I just did sth useful for the Cardano ecosystem. Added one sentence on Wikipedia, my first. Hope it stays…slight_smile:

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Luv that! Just now forced to make this statement in public:

  • Besides similarities in name I am not related to Gerolamo Cardano. Just another Kraut living somewhere between these cities mentioned in toppic above. Etwas präziser im Ruhrpott.

Oh, and sharing some of the concernes mentioned, regarding change in a software landscape. One could argue that Blockchains as a new concept are ten years old by now and many real estates still fresher, just … give it three years lifetime on average. Exceptions lasting from that timespan have become a rarity.
Moving from one legacy platform onto the next big thing should be design base principly from early onwards. Data migration between Blockchains beeing a new job perspective on it’s own, soon.