This is Raha from California USA

Hi, I found about Cardano and as a software engineer quickly realized its hidden potential.

I am trying to figure out if I can use Cardano for my own software project or if I have to create my own blockchain from scratch. I am very interested in building software on top of Cardano.

Where is the best place to start.



Greetings Raha

Jeremy should be able to advise you on build apps with cardano.


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Hi jellylo

This is great. I am so excited to learn more about Cardano. Can you help me to get in touch with Jeremy please ?


Sure thing Raha, @io_jeremy could you help out?

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@io_jeremy hi Jeremy. What is the best way to talk about my project to see if it is possible to use Cardano as the backened ?

For CSL we are working now to make a post for launching a node and using APIs to interact or you can checkout docs. CCL testnet will be out early next year. Study prep for Dapp developers can use any of the ethereum materials online to get the paradigm.

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Interesting. These APIs that you are referring to, are they going to be Restful APIs or Library APIs. If it is the latter, do I have to use Haskell to use it ?

Depends what you are doing.

Try reading this as well.

I’m new to Cardano ADA

and I would like to know how to invest in ADA

Best Regard

Excellent. @io_jeremy is there a Slack channel that I can join to learn more about Cardano’s API and CSL/CCL?

We are discussing now. I am unsure if slack is the best place or if a dedicated forum would be good. We may flounder a bit until the IOHK company event in January, where we can sit down and hash this out. Going to our github is best for now. There is a tool that generates the API docs for you.

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@io_jeremy Excellect. so I have a question for you. I am thinking of creating a .net core library that can interact with Cardano API. I am most comfortable using .net and C++ and I am thinking of using dot net core for my client application (multi platform). This can be used in Xamarin to create the multi platform UI. Do you see any value in doing this ?

Yes, of course. We considered Xamarin. It is a good system.

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