Beginner guide to building DAPPS

Hi guys, Is there a guide for non-developers to build inside the community, except this link here Installing the node from source — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation

I am curious to learn and would like to build DAPPS.



Hello @hypernews,
I think a good start would be looking into Marlowe: Marlowe resources and tools (playground, tutorials, documentation)

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Thx, I will dig into to that. We are in great era for ADA.

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Okay, please tell us what you think of the tutorial. Perhaps Marlowe might not be enough for you, but you have to start somewhere. (dapps are a very broad topic where you need to understand different concepts).

Hi, sure I will gather a thorough analysis of my process, once I start with Marlowe.
I am looking very much forward to try it , I work as a tester at a software company called Netcompany based in Denmark. I have very basic coding skills. Will be a very interesting journey. Anything I should study before I dive into it?