Limitations/ dapp route

So I’m a web developer and know js well and have some basic understanding of solidity but have not built anything yet and am looking to start. Cardano looks interesting but seam like theres 10 different things going on and none of them really call out to me. It seams this is all based around haskell which idk looks kind of janky and old but im sure i can learn and it will look more familiar. I see the js version of marlow which I might learn but idk the example doesnt look like js to me just cause it says for lol so maybe I’ll just learn haskell anyway. Then i see other random like eth or rust things too. Im guessing it all ends up in haskell anyway but idk any advice where to start? Id like to make a web app with vue in the end

Also whats the difference between haskel in plutus and haskel in marlowe